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Sustainability and ethics policy, our commitment

Our objective is to supply our customers with high-quality products in a responsible & efficient manner and to provide them with good service & high quality products thanks to the professional capacity of our staff. We are committed to the development of the social environments in which we operate and to use the natural resources necessary for our activity in a sustainable way.

We are well aware of the need to fulfil our responsibilities in a balanced way across the economic, social and environmental areas by using sustainability criteria. This is essential in order to maintain our current leadership position and to reinforce it in the future.

Our commitment to sustainable development is the basis for our actions to this area. Its fulfilment is a specific engagement of the management of Juan Navarro García S.A.U., which actively inspires this commitment in all of his suppliers.

This engagement is shown by our association with SEDEX and EcoVadis.

Our commitment is totally integrated into our daily work and is subject to constant revision and improvement by the Management of Juan Navarro García S.A.U. and by all of us who participate in its enforcement.