Sweet Paprika Powder

Sweet Paprika Powder | Juan Navarro García

It is a  powder of red colour, obtained after the grinding process of ripe, harmless and dried fruits of the variety “CAPSICUM ANNUUM L”. It has the characteristic flavour and aroma of the paprika powder.
It is a essential ingredient in all Typical Spanish dishes.
It gives a very attractive flavour to all dishes and due to its deep red color it is used in the manufacture of many types of sausages.

Technical Details

Types: Sweet, Hot and Smoked
Appearance: Powder or Flakes
Visual Colour: Orange to deep red
ASTA color: According to customer specifications


Global Standard for Food Safety ISSUE 7 BRC
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Halal Certificate
Kosher Certificate

Sweet Paprika Powder | Juan Navarro García